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Notes from the grooming table.

(Part 1)

by Diane Bridgeman

One of the first things you should think about before choosing you new dog, is whether you can cope with the type of coat your choice has.  It is a practical thought because if you are  not able to do the practical work yourself, you must cost in the regular services of a dog groomer.


There are many different types of coat and as many different ways of dealing with them.


If spare money is an issue, when is it not, avoid high maintenance breeds such as poodles, bichons, cockers etc, unless of course you have the training and necessary skills to do it yourself, kindly and most important of all safely.  If they are your preferred choice remember to factor in the cost of professional grooming.  


These days some breeders are choosing to cross various  breeds of dogs, the so-called designer dogs, now all dogs are lovely in their own way, but these new types are not consistent with the parentage and can disapoint some owners when the puppy coat grows out and it is not what was wanted.


These dogs have changed grooming and caused some confusion as owners do not know how they want their dog to look, as the conformation and coat types differ from that of the parent.


It is not all bad news, however as this variation in coat types has led to a renaisance in the artistry of grooming where stylists can come up with a number of new looks.  To achieve this can sometimes take a few visits to the salon to establish a new look acceptable to the owner.    


Over the next issues various items will be addressed if you have any particular questions please contact the centre and we will endeavour to answer them.