Age: 9

Sex: female

Breed: Greyhound

Spayed/Neutered: yes

Can I live with Children: yes

Can I live with Cats: no

Can I live with Dogs: large dogs ownly

About Rosie


Rosie will be 10 this November, she is a lovely sweet affectionate girl. The owners have not had any issues with her. She has lived with another dog, she is great with children, fine to be left up to 3/4hrs on her own.

The owner has had Rosie for Five years, she is a retired racing Greyhound, this means her prey drive has been trained to be highly active, so she can not be around small animals. Unfortunately the owners circumstances have changed and we need to find her a new home.

For more information please call 01404 815487 or email arcrescue@gmail.com