Sponsor a Kennel

ARC is a small local charity depending entirely on donations and bequests to continue its very important work.

Sponsor a kennel scheme is new as previously our dogs were kept in boarding kennels at £10 per dog per day.


Some dogs can be re-homed very quickly others may stay with us for many months if not more. In cases were dogs have been neglected or ill treated they may need special diets.


We estimate that keeping one dog on a basic diet will cost 50p per day or  £3.50 per week.

Keeping one dog on a special diet will cost £1 per day or £7 per week.

The cost of 24 hr security and care for our animals is £30 per night £210 per week.


Regular donations will be the foundation of our running costs.


Please download and fill in the attached standing order form and we will update you preferably by email of all the dogs using your sponsored kennel.


Many Thanks




Download the standing order form here!