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ARC Animal Rescue celebrated its 50th anniversary in May of 2022. 


Originally started by Mrs Shrimpton and Miss Topsy Hindley. the official title is "Sidmouth Animal Welfare and Animal Rescue Circle". Another local charity known as Leap, "The League for the Encouragement of Animal Protection" was incorporated into ARC when its founder member died and ARC inherited the responsibility for their remaining animals and their funds.


Our purpose is to provide rescue, relief and re-homing for lost, unwanted and abandoned domestic animals in the area. Miss Hindley remained one of the charity's trustees and an inspiration to all until her passing at the age of 108 in 2021


The charity has changed much since those early days. In 2013 Arc opened a Rescue Centre with 16 kennels and ancillary building just outside Ottery St Mary and has continued to rescue and re-home hundreds of dogs and other animals over the last 10 years. The growth of local towns and the pressures of modern living have all played a part in ensuring that ARC is as busy now as it ever was. 


The pandemic and subsequent lockdown in 2020 had a devastating effect on many rescue centres because dogs were being sold for thousands of pounds and very few came into rescue.


Since just before Christmas 2021 a lot of dogs have been handed in and with the closing of Blue Cross in the Southwest we are getting more dogs from Mid and North Devon as well as Torbay areas. Many of these dogs have problems because they have not been socialised and some have not seen a vet for various health problems. ARC always endeavour to home their dogs in as good physical condition as possible which sometimes means expensive veterinary treatment.


ARC has forged links with other organisations on a local and national level and is often called upon to help other charities re-home domestic animals which might otherwise be destroyed.

Introduction to ARC  

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