As a charity we need the support and generosity of the community to continue our important work. This is how you can help.

Become a volunteer. We have many and varied jobs to be done!


FUNDRAISING - Organising events yourself or helping with an already planned event! All ideas welcome!!!


DOG WALKING - At the centre or taking them out in to the community.                                             *Due to insurance, dog walkers must be 18 years or older.


GARDENING - We have 6 acres of land at our new centre. part is to be left untouched for wildlife. The rest will need regular attention.


MAKE DONATIONS - Either a single amount, a regular standing order or Leave a legacy to ARC. To make a payment now via CHARITY CHECKOUT go to the donate page.                                                                  

SPONSER A DOG KENNEL - We will keep you updated with it occupants. see our sponsor page for details

If you wish to volunteer please email us at or go through the contact page