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ARC would like to thank all our supporters that have helped and donated to our cause over the last year. Your generosity and kindness are what keeps us going and helping as many dogs and cats as we can.

Thank you to The Normans Family Trust for their amazing donation of valuable funds towards our Veterinary Costs. Thank you to Emma and all the trustee’s from the Normans Family Trust.

An extra big thank you for the £2000 grant towards vet fees.

A big thank you to Jean Sainsbury Animal welfare trust for the £4000 grant from their 40 Year anniversary and a further £4000 for general running costs.

We truly appreciate the £3000 grant from Animal Friends pet insurance towards vet fees and pet food.

Thank you to Oscars pet food Honiton for their generous donations of pet food. The dogs are always happy to see the delicious bounty you provide.


Thank you to Bradfords Building Supplies Sidmouth for your donation of building supplies for the paving slabs to the cattery.

Thank you to the Probation Service for their hard work in maintaining the grounds and ensuring our dogs have a safe and secure area to live and play.

A thank you to Jacky and Peter Stockhill with Bailey for their kind donations.


Finally a big thank you to our band of volunteers for all your hard work and dedication, the ARC wouldn't function without you.

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