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Adopters Information

What we will want to know.


1. How many people in your family?


2. Any visiting children or pets?


3. Do you have other pets?


4. Do you have a secure garden? The height of the fences will depend on the dog you wish to adopt. (6 feet is required for many dogs)


5. Do you have plenty of time for exercise?


6. Are you confident that you can afford vets bills or pet insurance?


7. If you are in rented accommodation does your tenancy agreement allow pets?




All prospective adopters will be visited by one of our representatives. We rehome in a 30 Mile Radius. If further out of our area we are prepared to accept your vets recommendation, on a case by case basis.


Our dogs are individuals and it is important to all parties concerned that we find the home most suitable for them.


In the event that you are unable to care for or wish to re-home your dog that it will be returned to us at ARC.


Dogs are priced individually depending on age and breed, with donations starting at £250.

feel free to contact us for specifics.

Cats and kittens are also priced individually depending on whether they are vaccinated and/or neutered.

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